The Civilized Minute

a minute of manners and musings

Is Etiquette Still Relevant?

Well….Some, say ‘No’, so, let me see…

Does it make your day to experience poor customer service? 

Are you on the road to relaxation when you hear little kids screaming in a restaurant?

Are you turned on by a limp-fish handshake?

Do you get the warm and fuzzies when you walk in a room and no one acknowledges your presence?

Does it boost your ego to be referred to as “Honey” or “Gal” or “Buddy”?

Do you want to dance in the street to see someone move their place card away from you at a seated dinner?

Does money jump in your wallet when invitees do not respond when there is RSVP clearly printed on your party invitation?


No?  Really?  Ok, then.  Carry on.  I was just checking.


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