The Civilized Minute

a minute of manners and musings

your online self

Don’t be confused about this because it’s really important.  Your online self is no different than your real life self.  Just because you may be sitting on the floor with snack trash blowing about and clicking away on your laptop doesn’t mean you can drop your act. 

You work hard to have an impeccable in-real-life game face, so don’t blow it because you are under the mistaken impression you can hide behind your keyboard.  Question:  How many of your Facebook friends are actually IRL friends?  People that you actually put your peepers on with any regularity?  A lot, probably. 

So, if you are concerned about how you or your biz could be impacted by your online activities, don’t:

  • enter a message with a sentiment you would not verbally express the next time you see that person 
  • use ugly language 
  • post compromising pictures of yourself or anyone else
  • forget to check spelling (grammar can be a little lax since posts are often written like they are spoken)
  • talk about bodily functions
  • reveal personal information that could be used for fraudulent purposes
  • reveal information about your biz that could be seen in a negative light (even seemingly benign comments like “My co-workers are driving me crazy” could be a nightmare for your marketing efforts)

Whatever you enter should be a reflection of the person and biz you represent. 


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