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confusion in the house


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Meet Rep. John Boehner, House Minority Leader, from Ohio.  He’s confused. 

You have probably heard by now about his speech from the House podium just minutes before the Healthcare vote.  During that speech, he offered a series of rhetorical questions aimed at the Democrats that he answered himself with “Hell no you can’t!” and “Hell no you haven’t!” The questions, while good ones, were lost in his rally cries.  Boehner’s last speech should have been a last ditch effort to win votes, but this is where he got confused.  You see, who is going to take seriously a man whose emotion has clearly taken over his reason?  If pressed, surely he would admit that a rational discussion is more productive than a shouting match.  It is doubtful he swayed even one Democrat with the eloquent and thoughtful “Hell no you can’t”.   

In response to his growing volume and agitation, the Democrats began to respond with their own cat calls.  Now, remember, this is the Chamber in the United States House of Representatives.  The acting speaker intervened with “Both sides will do well to remember the dignity of the House.”  A mom could not have said it better to her squabbling children.

In an interesting twist, Boehner actually held a meeting with his party members prior to the big vote instructing them to “behave like grown-ups”, according to The Hill.  The paper wrote:

According to several lawmakers who attended the 15 minute meeting, Boehner said "we will behave like grown-ups," and not engage in taunting the vulnerable Democrats who support the controversial measure.

*eyes rolling* Gotcha coach.

It’s no wonder we witness the same type mixed up and confused behavior of the general public when our own country’s leaders are so confused by what is appropriate, productive, worthwhile and, at the very least, respectful. I, for one, expect more from someone who holds my future in his hands.

The next time you are in a client meeting and you are hoping to out perform your competition, would you try the good Representative’s tactic?  Hell no you wouldn’t. 



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