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There are lots of ways to describe it: blow a gasket, come unglued, blow up, have a meltdown. They all mean the same thing. They all mean that some trigger caused you to put down all sense of decorum and act in a most unacceptable manner. This chic is what I’m talking about.

See full size image

Here’s the bottom line on this: you can’t afford to lose your cool anywhere or anytime.

Everybody has their own set of stresses so don’t feel like the Lone Ranger or Mr. Big Shot on this. And, everybody is expected to deal with them in such a way that doesn’t inconvenience or bother anybody else. While I’m sure the guy who took the last bit of coffee from the machine just before you is compassionate about your alarm not going off this morning, your ranting at him isn’t going to make him run down the street to get you a latte. In other words, your actions in a fit of frustration simply will not change anything. Except this…

If people view you as a hothead and one who can’t control his emotions, guess who will not be invited to be on a team leading a new and time sensitive project? No one wants to work with somebody who can’t work under pressure and remain cool. Every breath you breathe and step you take at work should be to further your company and your career. Shouting at your teammates during a company softball game does not do that.

Plus, blowing your top just doesn’t look good.  Who can say they are showing off their best attributes as they slam down a stapler?  Or, kick something?  You know it’s gonna rumple your jacket if you sling it across the room. 

Figure out a technique that will get you centered (taking a walk, deep breathing, etc.) and commit it to your existence.


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