The Civilized Minute

a minute of manners and musings

be careful little mouth


I’ve had 2 experiences recently that made me think, “Surely he didn’t really mean it like that.”


Nothing was pleasurable about that checkout experience.  And the thing that made me really stinking mad was that for the life of me, I couldn’t remember that stupid birthday.

The second I-can’t-believe-he-just-said-that moment happened late one afternoon after a full day of conference calls, preparing training materials for a large group and research.  Now, I don’t get dressed up for these activities and even consider myself rather clever to not wear my training clothes while I do office work since I tend to spill.  A passing acquaintance commented that he wouldn’t be so tired if he could do whatever I did that allowed me to wear workout clothes all day.  What does that mean?  That I don’t do anything worthwhile?

Sometimes we spout off without thinking of the consequences.  It happens when we get mad, flustered or during an awkward silence.  In these instances, force yourself to stop and think before you speak.  I bet you can think of something better to say than whatever was on the tip of your tongue. 

Straight from Kate’s Quips:  People take you at your actions and your words.  Both speak loudly and clearly.


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