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swearing in savannah

I arrived in Savannah, GA yesterday.  I had forgotten how lovely this town is.  The trees, the history, the mystery.  I am going to have to read In the Garden of Good and Evil again.  Just before dinner last night, I took a walk along River Street.  Despite the good ole Georgia humidity, the breeze was nice and I enjoyed watching a tremendous ship glide into port.

There was a downer, though.  As I sat on a low brick wall watching the ship and wondering where in the world – literally – it had come from, I got frustrated by a group of people talking loudly nearby.  I was trying to have a River Street moment, but with all that cussing and fussing, it was almost impossible. 

Why must some people use profanity so freely and openly that everyone is forced enjoy it?  It’s truly a mystery to me.  Are they that insecure?  Are they trying that hard to be liked?  Who told them that’s how to be liked, anyway?

Yeah, the boat is huge.  I see it, too, so it really isn’t necessary to say repeatedly “that’s a big *&#! boat”.  I get it, Mr. Vice-President.

The general public is full of people who hire, fire and represent good companies.  It’s an opportunity lost to conduct yourself poorly in public.  You never know who could be nearby. 

So, mind your manners and your mouth!



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