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my weapons of choice

Have you ever been talking to someone who’s been “into the red wine” at a networking event and you don’t know how to tell them that they’ve definitely made their mark? Then you know that a wine mustache can blow your corporate cover in a hurry. Let me suggest a few ways that you can avoid leaving one of your own . . .

· “Sauvignon Blanc, please.” The easiest way to avoid an embarrassing situation is to choose the path of least resistance. White wines are the best choice in a business setting.

But what if you’re at a red wine tasting? It’s true that sometimes there just isn’t a safe choice. So I’ll give you a heads up on how to proceed . . . with caution of course.

· Preparation is key. Bobbi Brown’s Lip Balm is thick, but not glossy, so it’s perfect for acting as a barrier on your lips and preventing stains on men and women. And its unique blend of wheat germ and olive oil is delightfully non-greasy.  The packaging is perfect to slip into a coat pocket (guys) or in a clutch (women).  Just remember to apply in private!

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15

· Limits. If you must drink red wine, limit yourself to a single glass and follow immediately with a glass of ice water.  Swish, swish.

· Keep it clean. The wipes from are an image saver and, for special events, can even be customized. Think ahead when planning your next event & order them for the guests.  These are magical when it comes to removing wine stains from your lips or teeth.  Again, this is your little secret weapon so don’t whip this out during the event.

“A bottle of red . . . A bottle of white . . . things are okay with me these days” sang Billy Joel. And they will be for you too as long as you remember these simple tips!

Now, leave a comment and share your weapon of choice!


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