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green office groove

Lately, I have blogged (preached?) and talked (ranted?) about presenting your most professional and productive self via your workspace.  So, here is  a website I stumbled on that should help you de-clutter, organize, and, as a bonus feature, go green.

On this site, you will find words like Eco-Simple that make you want to see what they are talking about.  Take a look at this:

Eco Simple Flash Drive – USB

This is what the site says about this little treasure:

“These sleek eco-friendly flash drives are better for the environment because they contain no lead, mercury, cadium or other toxics, and they decompose easier than their traditional counterparts.”

Do it, Eco Simple Flash Drive.

Here’s another thing that caught my eye:

It’s a journal with handmade plantable paper.  Way cool.  So, you fill it up with all your unimaginably intelligent thoughts, tear the cover off and plant it.  What do you get?  Wildflowers, of course.  Great gift for officemates, by the way.

Now you know where to go to get your green office groove on!


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