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daily candy kids – off the track

This issue of Daily Candy Kids it going to leave a mark. 

For those of you who don’t know about Daily Candy, it’s an editorial email delivered to your inbox filled with (normally) way cool happenings, discoveries and people to see in certain cities.  Daily Candy Kids “is an up-to-the-minute guide to the latest gear, fashion, and kiddie happenings”.  Truthfully, it’s a great concept.  Their content is entertaining and the pictures are always good. 

But, pretty and entertaining ain’t everything. Sometimes, it’s actually wrong.

On July 8, Daily Candy Kids wrote about a new service available to busy moms.  If you have a list of thank you notes that should be written, you can send the list of items received and who gave them to you and let this service write the note for you.  This is how it’s described in DCK…

“Think of her as a personal assistant who’s utterly charming and has great grammar. You enter your list of presents and gift-givers; [company owner] composes witty missives, which are printed with your choice of font (which could pass for actual handwriting).”

Are they seriously offering to impersonate gratitude? And, for a fee???

My personal grievances (I sincerely hope you have some of your own):

1) Thank you notes should be written by the person who received the gift.  Not your mother and not a paid service.  The gift-giver didn’t have either of these people in mind when they spent their hard earned money to recognize the big event in your life.  It’s impersonal and fake to let someone else attempt to verbalize why you so appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

2) The font they claim “could pass for actual handwriting” will look like a mail solicitation. 

3) You don’t have to be “utterly charming” when writing a thank you note.  You only need to be sincere.  This service isn’t concerned with the sincere factor.

Don’t fall into the age old trap of being sucked into something that is wrapped up in a pretty little package.  Look deeper.  Dig deeper.  Make sure you keep your identity and, above all else, be genuine.

Write someone a thank you note today and show these guys how it’s done!


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  1. Harriet July 27, 2010 at 3:27 pm


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