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the georgia inspector general does not like michael scott

The Associated Press reported yesterday on 2 attorneys from our state’s Ethics Commission who were criticized by the Georgia Inspector General’s office for behaving like they work on the set of The Office.  That is not how they described their indiscretions, obviously, but if the shoe fits…

Thomas Plank and Yasha Heidari are accused of:

  • working their private law practice while on state time
  • using state computers for research on private cases
  • abusing sick leave
  • violating state policy by not seeking approval to establish their practice

These are total Michael Scott moves and unforgiving even for Business Etiquette 101 grads. How experienced do you have to be to know surfing the net on your bosses computer will get you in trouble?  Any teenager can tell you not to do your homework while you are on the clock.  Any company representative would explain it like this:  if you don’t work while you are at work, but get paid for working, that’s stealing. 

This has got to be an embarrassing slap on the wrist for people who are supposed to be professionals.  It’s so juvenile!  

Here is a link to the article.  What do you think?


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