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Today’s post is taken from the book also titled  The Civilized Minute. I am eagerly awaiting its release in early November 2010.  I hope you are, too!

If you have worked for any company for just about any length of time, you have all sorts of stuff with the company logo on it. Everything from beach towels to clocks proudly sport the logo you barely notice anymore.

Enter potentially damaging mind-set #1: you don’t see the logo anymore. You drive pass it in the parking lot, you walk pass it on the door coming in to the building, your fingers cover it up when you show your badge to the security guard, you look beyond it on the motivational posters hung along the wall on the way to your office or cube and your day goes on. The same goes for the logo on the coozie you used last weekend at the concert in the park. Remember? That was the day you had just a little too much to drink and danced shirtless to the cover band’s version of Free Falling. You may not have noticed the logo that day, but I can assure you other people did.

Enter potentially damaging mind-set #2: you forget you are displaying the logo. That blue chair you take to every single one of your son’s baseball games is your lucky chair, right? It’s the one that got you through the play-offs last season. Well, it was the chair and the fact that you screamed at the umpire throughout the entire game. What would your son’s team do without you and your lucky blue chair displaying your company’s logo on the back?

In case you aren’t adept at reading sarcasm, I’ll be clear. No one appreciates your antics when you are wearing or using company identifiable items. When you can be identified as a representative of any organization, you become the face of the group. Further, you become an indication of the quality of service provided by that company and the quality of the people who work there. Be mindful that you are representing the brand well.

Savvy Suggestion: Just because you are given company items, does not mean you have to use them. If you do not want the burden of representing your company while performing any mundane weekend activity, go through all your closets and drawers and get rid of anything with the logo on it.


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