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5 career myths

Your career success has much to do with your frame of mind. There is no room for anything less than an energetic and inspired disposition. Below, you will find 5 myths that should be read this one time and tossed from your mind. These are destructive mindsets that can make you appear passive and irrelevant.


I’ve been here so long it doesn’t matter. They know me. People are always willing to catch a glimpse of the less than perfect you. Be careful not to be complacent.

No one is watching. In the cafeteria, online, on your way out the door…people are always watching.

I’m stuck. You are stuck only if you choose not to see any new opportunities. You are never stuck, if you keep learning.

They won’t mind if I… take supplies home, park right here, wear this only today. If your actions are in direct conflict with company policy or are costing the business money, they mind.

I’m too old/I’m too young. Clients and managers care more about your contribution than your age.

Carefully consider how you regard your worth. Don’t short-change your contribution by letting insecurity outshine your work.


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