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the view from 40,000 feet

Today is September 1, 2010.  For many business owners, a new month represents a chance to do it again – only better.

We watch the numbers of our sales grow, or not.  We watch the numbers of our expenses grow, or not.  Then, at the end of the month, everything is tallied up and we take a look from 40,000 feet.

Are there things we could change or tweak to make this next  month better? we ask ourselves.

Usually, this exercise results in a revised plan for going forward. A plan using historical data (what happened last month and the month before that and the month before that and so on) and predictions of events for the coming weeks.

               Graph 2

Certainly, the functions of our businesses are worthy of that level of scrutiny, but what about the human factor? What about the people that execute this meticulously devised plan? Could the people in your organization benefit from a look from 40,000 feet?

It’s amazing what we can see when we choose to see.

This salesperson you have had on staff for years has his own way of “connecting” with people, right? Your customers know that’s just the way Gary is, right? You know he’s loud and he is pretty outspoken about company policies, but he doesn’t take those emotions into your customer’s offices, right? He would never vent about his dislikes to the staff during the 1 week per month he’s in the office, right?


Challenge yourself and your staff to check out the view from 40,000 feet. Look at your company like your customers and vendors look at your company.

  • Are you likeable?
  • Do you conduct your daily operations in a way that gives credibility to your company name?
  • Do the people that push your product inspire or offend?
  • Do prospective clients view you as confident in your ability to provide and serve?

                 Eye glasses

Today is September 1, 2010. 

Choose to see. 



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