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hunting season etiquette

This may come as a surprise to you, but there is Hunting Season Etiquette. No, not for the hunters. For the spouses of the hunters.

As a wife of a hunter, I can tell you that all – and I mean all – wives of hunters have opinions about how and where their hunters spend their time. Choose any Wednesday or Thursday of hunting season and start asking what their weekend plans are and you will know what I mean. But, here’s the deal, ladies. 

Don’t be so quick to judge.

(aw, come on, we all stand like this)1161656


1) If you dislike your husband spending his (and your) Saturdays in a deer stand, tell him – not everyone else. We have enough we could gripe and whine about. We don’t need your grievances, too.

2) If you prefer to meet your husband on his way out of the woods with breakfast cooked over a campfire, go for it. Scramble those eggs, fry that bacon, just let me sleep in. It’s impolite to raise your left eyebrow in my direction because I choose to rest rather than serve him another meal. 

3) Should I choose to leave my children and hunt with him? This is the modern-day South, honey. I might just gut that deer myself.

4) Should I choose to leave my children and entertain myself while he entertains himself? Well, that’s just how we roll.   

There you have it.  Words to live by this hunting season.


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