The Civilized Minute

a minute of manners and musings

Fish Out of Water

Ever felt like a fish out of water? Like this fella? This is a fish out of water. And, a boot out of the closet, but I’ve always been very clear about my inability to keep a tidy house. Or car.


This is a boat out of water. A boat, not a fish. Get it?  

It’s all very awkward…this feeling out of place. And it makes us do things unbecoming to our ordinarily fabulous selves. Take this next fella. He tends to withdraw, shut down, pout when he is the non-fish that gets put into the water. What is fine and dandy to one person clearly is not to another.

There’s a shoe again. If unexpected company were on the way, there would be more than one.

So, what am I saying with these compromising pictures of my son, our dog and my housekeeping?

You never know what can and does make a person feel like a fish out of water. Pay attention to those around you and see if someone could use a friendly smile or an encouraging word. You will likely make a new friend by doing so. And, who couldn’t use a friend??

Friends are the people that help you pick up your shoes.


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