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it was world pasta day and we almost missed it

I once wrote a post called Little Things Long Remembered. In it, I talked about how I was going to start creating all these wonderful memories for my children.

Honestly, I haven’t been doing much of what I said I was going to do. We did walk to the mailbox together last week. We went on an outing to Emma’s eye appointment. We go to Wal-Mart a lot. One might say I have some catching up to do. Yet, as luck would have it, guess what yesterday was??

World Pasta Day!  Now, it’s my personality to get pretty out of control with an idea before reality reigns me back in. I really wanted to make a few different kinds of pasta dishes for dinner, maybe throw in a little lesson on Italian words that describe the food, have a show-and-tell about different pasta shapes. It was going to be very enlightening. Then, I was enlightened – once again – about how much homework was to be done and that the clock was ticking through 4:45 pm as I was dreaming up the Lewis Family World Pasta Day Celebration. With my bottom lip stuck out just a touch, we pulled in the Publix parking lot without a plan and without a recipe, but full of intent on taking in a carb.

With a little guidance from the very helpful lady who was cooking a scrumptious looking beef dish at the end of aisle 2 (too bad it wasn’t World Beef Day), we settled on Stuffed Shells. It wasn’t exactly the Lewis Family World Pasta Day Celebration, but it was pasta, nonetheless.

Shells I had never cooked those very large shells before; therefore, I had never considered how to separate them once they are cooked and how to let them cool without sticking together. Thank heavens for high-speed internet, is all I can say.

Emma stuffing shells2Let me explain 2 things here. 1) It’s very messy to stuff the shells and 2) Emma’s expression might look like she is thinking This is a little much for World Pasta Day, but I’m going along for you, Mom. That is exactly what she’s thinking.

Stuffed shells in panIt turned out to be a simple recipe. Especially for me since Emma did all the work and I took the pictures. And sampled the Italian wine. Once the shells went in the oven, I told her to take a break, go watch some TV, be a kid. That’s just the kind of leader I am. So, while the oven did its job, I set the table. It’s not like I didn’t do anything.

Turkey centerpieceI used this turkey as a centerpiece. I even lit the candle. Then, Voila!

Place settingDinner is served!

You know what Emma said when she came back in the kitchen to our table set for World Pasta Day?  Wow, Mom, thanks for doing all this! (She’s my favorite.) Surely you notice that we didn’t even have a salad. And, yes, that’s water because I hadn’t made any tea. There is no greenery weaved deliciously through that turkey’s legs. It’s just sitting in the middle of the table.

Do you want to know what occurred to me? World Pasta Day didn’t have to be an elaborate ordeal in order to be a big deal to them. The smallest effort on my part still created a big impression. This morning, Ben was still talking about our dinner last night. It made me think about the upcoming holidays. Often, I get hung-up and stressed out about getting just the right gift for teachers and friends and I’m going to give myself a nervous condition over guessing the right size for my father-in-law’s jacket.

It’s not about perfection. Expressing thoughtfulness is simply a gesture undertaken with consideration and heart. Take a few deep breathes this holiday season and enjoy creating a memory for someone you care about.



One response to “it was world pasta day and we almost missed it

  1. Miss Janice October 26, 2010 at 10:25 am

    Loved this post. We celebrated World Pasta Day last night also! Your daughter is beautiful and the dish sounds fantastic. Also, I’m loving that turkey!!!

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