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we went to get a christmas tree

We always, always get a live tree. None of that pre-decorated, pre-lit, plastic stuff in this house. We prefer to drive to a Christmas tree farm, diplomatically choose one tree amongst hundreds, ceremoniously cut it down, bring it home, and cut the plastic wrap off inside the house so we can enjoy bits of Christmas in our socks for months to come.

I have chosen to share the highlights of our live tree selection process so that you, too, might have a stuffed up nose until January 1.

Tree from farm 

This is where we started…in the woods. The Hubs had spotted this some time ago and thought it would make a good Christmas tree. Diplomatic action was taken. The Nays had it.

Tree farm

I wonder exactly how many trees are on a real Christmas tree farm?

The selection begins…

CharlieBrown tree

This is another one The Hubs chose. He’s a black-and-white kind of guy. It’s either this way or that way. Nothing in between. Presents a problem when I’ve “browned” the bread for dinner.

Ben pointing 

Finally…and I do mean, Finally…we found a tree.

This was Ben’s answer to the question I asked no less than 27 times: Which tree do y’all want?. Do you think Jim Carey’s mother has pictures of him like this? Why can’t he just say This one?

Ben cutting

So, little Jim Carey got to work with that saw.

Em cutting

Em waited as long as she could before she took charge. This sister-girl does not play around when there’s a job to do.

Em cutting2

See? She’s serious. Changed her position and everything. She’s not concerned in the least about wallowing in the dirt with that new jacket. Yeah, don’t worry about that scarf, either, Honey.


That expression means exactly this: Sorry, Mom.

No problem, Shug. (sigh, walk away)

Wrapping tree

That’s Lacey sending our tree through the wrapping-machine-thing. She’s a cousin to The Hubs. Thank goodness…she’s beautiful (not that that always stops people in these parts). We usually see her only when we go scouting for a tree. When she recognized The Hubs, she took off her glove and put out her hand to shake before The Hubs could even blink. I like Lacey. She’s got it goin’ on.

So, we get home, get the tree inside, cut the aforementioned plastic wrap off and….

final tree

HUH? Who took a bite out of the right bottom quadrant?

I really don’t know what else to say about this except…where the hell is that little boy that looks like Jim Carey? He was a little too eager for my blood.


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