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things that make me smile…today

Not all things make me smile every single day. Well, except for maybe a Chocolate Chip Blizzard from Dairy Queen. That always makes me smile. Have you had one? They use the same chocolate they dip the Dipped Cones in. You must go get one. Even if it’s 19 degrees outside. Go.

During Christmas, I seem to get a giggle from things that ordinarily might irritate me. Take this, for example…


I found this on my bed last night. My long-lost straightener. Any other time of year, I might have said to Emma, “I don’t mind at all when you borrow something of mine, but please put it back where it goes.” Note: I do not say “put it back wherever you found it”. That could have been anywhere. I’m not very tidy.

There was a note…



Spelling could improve; a little low on punctuation; got a smokin’ signature… I loved it!

Emma and Ben do love art stuff. Emma especially. Now that they are older, the messes tend to be bigger. And spread out farther. Here’s what was going on in the kitchen while I was trying to cook supper (leftovers still take some effort)…

Ben's hands

What mama can resist little boy hands painting a Christmas thingy?

Em painting  

And, sweet not-so-little girl hands painting an ornament for the family Christmas tree?

Ok, so Emma’s ornament had symbols of a Norwegian Christmas and was for a school project, but look what I found on the cookie jar this morning?

Cookie Jar

It’s more fun giggling about stuff at Christmas time. Maybe that’s just the sugar talking. Who knows, but this much is true…

I’m much more pleasant to be around and I must be more likeable when I’m noticing the good stuff rather than the irritating stuff.

Everything is much, much brighter when you look for a reason to giggle. That’s the thought for the day.

I have no idea about tomorrow. I might not be so chipper.



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