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Finally friday

Today is the first day of Christmas Vacation! I am always amazed at how fast we move around in the days leading up to this break from school…gifts for friends, gifts for teachers, food for this, food for that, jeans that magically shrink even though I haven’t had time to wash them since last Wednesday.

Here’s a little glimpse…

Tray: a Walmart find weeks ago; inaugural use at dinner on…well, I have no idea what day that was…

Pickles: My grandmother’s recipe that I finally got brave enough to try; they must be eaten with homemade pimento cheese or cornbread. The white is sour cream…


…to eat with Taco Soup. In a Santa Claus bowl. Ho Ho Ho.

Taco Soup

The combination turned out to be delicious. Here it is again: Taco Soup with a dollop of sour cream, pimento cheese and pickles. You should do it and don’t look back. Or down. Jeans that magically shrink, you know.

Em made cupcakes for a class party. At the last minute she decided to use a few sprinkles. Turned out really cute. And, one turned out to be stuck to my left eyebrow. Thank you, UPS Driver, for bringing it to my attention because these fools I live with didn’t say a word.

Ems cupcake

So, today, because I choose to not bear a grudge, I suggested the kids paint these little pumpkins leftover from Thanksgiving. Ben turned out to be very confused by the entire thing: Painting pumpkins in Christmas colors listening to Boogie Shoes.

It’s imperative that you pay attention around here or you will get left behind. 

Xmas pumpkin

And now…one of my favorite Christmas things…a shiny ball wreath. The picture does not do it justice, but I haven’t learned whatever button on my camera will fix that.

Shiny ball wreath

Have a great weekend!!!



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