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Here’s the scene: today is the second consecutive snow day, cabin fever is on the rise and household maintenance is on the decline. I stayed up late watching the Auburn-Oregon game (still appalled at #32) so my eyes are swollen (this could be from the 6 slices of pizza I ate late night) and I’m drinking coffee like each cup is my last. Somehow, I’ve got to get myself whipped into shape for a Skype call with a business friend who’s in Canada. She’s probably accustomed to snow and what all this inside time does to a person. Here’s how I plan to trick her into thinking I am in complete control.

1)      Kids. About 30 minutes before I’m to get on the call, I will be having a very pointed and specific conversation about actions and consequences. I’ll bite back If you even think about… and go with something like I am going to be talking with my friend who can see you and hear you, so let me tell you about how a business conversation goes… ya moron. Kidding. I’ll wait until they break one of the rules I plan to lay down before I call one of them a moron.

2)      Room. I’m planning to sit in the dining room because the light is good in there. I Skype’d with my friend B last week (you’ve heard about B from Boulder…same one) from the dining room and it worked pretty well. She did say it looked like I was sitting in front of a chalkboard but I just don’t see what I can do about that over the next 4 hours. Suggestions welcome. I would choose another room but I need bright light so my friend will be able to see my face on her screen (all the way in Canada…kinda blows my mind). For a business call and since I work from home, I like a neutral background. Nothing too personal nearby to make her wonder things about me. I don’t know. Just things.

3)      Me. I guess I need to wash my hair. And put on some clothes that don’t scream Another snow day?!?! I was on a call once for which I fussed with only the part of me they could see (chest and up), but it turned out to be a bad decision. Just a few minutes into the call, I realized I needed something from my desk which was in another room. That meant I had to rise from the chair and walk away from the computer, right? And, let them see my pajama pants with strawberry vines on them? No way. Imagine, if you will, the quad strength it takes to move away from the screen and out of the room and back in and to my chair without rising even one inch. Let that be your motivation the next time you want to skip the lunges during your workout.

So, what am I missing? What do you do to make your Skype calls go smoothly?


4 responses to “skype stuff

  1. Susanne January 11, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    Love the blog, Kate! Very entertaining!

  2. Semi-Slacker Mom January 11, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    I’m new to the whole skype thing, but we were able to talk to our friend stationed in Iraq. I think it’s an awesome thing for the military families.

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