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Nesting and etiquette or nesting etiquette

This post is a little different…rather than me writing a post for you, I’m directing you to another post. On another blog. Please try to keep up. Before you click off to this other blog, I need to tell you something.

I’m pregnant.

Not really…just wanted to see how many of my girl cousins will call me because they stop reading at that simple sentence.

Here’s really what I want to tell you: the blog I’m sending you to is called Housewife Bliss. She writes about “the finer points of nesting.”  She is very very skilled at running a household without the household running her.

WHAT does this have to do with business etiquette? Exactly this: If your nesting habits are lacking, there are probably business organization skills that are lacking AND when your house and home are in disarray, it prevents you from being able to fully concentrate and focus on your business. AND, it’s these extraneous stresses and burdens that cause even the nicest of the nice to act unbecomingly. Haven’t you snapped at someone because you were late to a meeting because you couldn’t find your keys or your child’s lunchbox or couldn’t lock the back door of your house because you keep forgetting to call the repairman? Yeah, me either.

So, today’s post on Housewife Bliss is about The Essential Household Management Book. Beware: it’s a spiralbound notebook and it is the bomb. Even if you use only 1 or 2 of the tips she suggests, you’ll be glad.

Happy Nesting toward Success!


One response to “Nesting and etiquette or nesting etiquette

  1. Housewife Bliss January 17, 2011 at 11:04 am

    Oh my, I had not idea it was possible to blush before finishing my morning coffee. Thank you for your kind words, I agree with you on the work/life balance….I worked with many competent individuals who forgot to pay bills, do their laundry and look after their home, not because they lacked the ability, but because their balance was off. The moment they adjusted the balance, & began address their home as a second business that needed to be run well, everything fell into place, including happiness.

    Thank you for the ‘shout about, your kindness is very much appreciated.
    All the best, Coryanne

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