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twitter chat

Have you ever participated in a Twitter chat? I have participated in a Twitter chat, but being the Special Guest was new for me.


It’s not entirely different than being the guest of honor at an in-real-life party. Of course, I would never wear my pajamas, take off my makeup and sit cross-legged in a chair if I were the guest of honor at an in-real-life party. 

Here’s what goes on…people who attend the chat offer their remarks, insights, questions or comments and it all happens in real time. So, all these people were talking to me at once and since I was the Special Guest, I couldn’t NOT respond to every person who bothered to type out their thoughts, right? It would be like someone intentionally walking right up to me, saying something to me and I react by…just ignoring them? I save that sort of behavior for when my 9 year old son approaches me with a firearm, a sly grin and starts out with, “Can I…?” The No is implied with my silent stare and quiet departure.

The topic for discussion was my book, The Civilized Minute. They asked questions about why I wrote the book in Days rather than Chapters. They asked how I came up with Kate’s Quips listed at the end (oh, just the magical workings of my mi..*cough*..sorry, my mind. Ahem.) Someone asked about the 3 secret ingredients in business etiquette: discretion, compassion and patience…but, I’m sure you already knew that.

Anyway…there was a whole lotta tweetin’ goin’ on. And, fast tweetin’! I was really glad I am firm in my thoughts and convictions regarding this topic of etiquette because the questions were flying and I had something to say about it all. It was a great experience and I hope the attendees found some value in the discussion.

Ironically, this afternoon, I’ll be doing the exact same thing…just in real life. I’m attending a local book club meeting where The Civilized Minute is the topic! Unfortunately, there will be no PJ’s, it’ll be full-on war paint, and I’ll need to sit with my feet on the floor. And, unlike the Twitter chat, there will be food.

Sorry, Twitter chat. You’ve been replaced.

ps…what kind of author would I be if I didn’t give you link to actually buy my book?  It’s Do not be afraid.


2 responses to “twitter chat

  1. Lou Perryman January 19, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    I read your blog every day! Always funny AND inciteful!
    I’m your biggest fan! Love….

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