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get a clue

The older I get (and by the end of this week, you can add another year), I find that if I don’t keep doing certain things, I forget how to do them at all.

Do you remember this game?


Emma and Ben pulled this game out the other night and asked if I knew how to play.

Dead silence. Far away stare. Thoughtful pondering. And, finally, admission.

“I used to know how to play.”  Used to? Such an extreme case of past tense. How could I not remember how to play Clue? I was born in the 70’s! Ok, the early 70’s, but that’s not what I’m discussing. Clue, Life, Monopoly…my old stomping grounds!

Alas, that’s just how it goes for most people. Use it or lose it. Keep exercising every day or your pants won’t fit and you’ll be in a bad mood. Keep working those crossword puzzles or your brain will go flat. And (you knew this was coming), keep using your manners or you’ll begin to look ill-prepared, off-putting, uncomfortable. Ugly. 

That’s the whole deal with children and their (often bad) manners, you see. They simply haven’t done it enough. Make your kids practice their manners and you do it right along with them. If not, you’ll end up with nasty children and a bad case of low self-esteem and both can make you appear frumpy. (Abrupt, I know. I’m in a hurry. And this is not backed up by science but you know it’s true.)

Get a Clue, save a Life and practice your manners. (Couldn’t think of a way to use Monopoly in that sentence although I tried for a ridiculously long period of time.)


3 responses to “get a clue

  1. Jay Remer February 8, 2011 at 9:33 am

    How about “no one has a monopoly on good manners”? And as for your remarks not being backed up by science, I say science has plenty of catching up to do! As always, Kate thanks for sharing!

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