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Little Darth Vader

By far, my favorite Superbowl commercial. (click on the play arrow, then the Watch on YouTube link)

By far, my least favorite Superbowl moment: the halftime show. I did like the lights (along with every other 6 year old). And, on the radio, I do like some of those songs. In a live performance? Not so much. I think it would be terrible to be a performer and only be able to deliver the goods in a controlled environment. For us Everyday Joe’s, that would be like carrying on a heck of a conversation (with yourself) in the shower, but clamming up when faced with real people. It takes some serious preparation to take your shower performance on the road. Ahem, Christina Aguilera and the national anthem.

Little Darth Varder knows things just don’t happen because you want them to. He had to try and fail several times before he saw some results. That’s just the way it is. Figure it out. Practice it. Do it. Repeat.

If I put on one of those black costumes, will some good-looking daddy press a button and make something good happen?? Course not, but I’ll just leave you with that visual. Me in the black costume or the good-looking daddy. You can choose.


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