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now i know

It’s has been 8 days since I posted last. Would you like to know the moment that spurred this break in silence? That one realization that made me say to myself, Self, you have to share this with the world! It’s too important to child-rearers across the globe. Specifically, mothers of boys… I have unraveled the mystery. It’s that simple. I have found the answer.

Nearly 10 years ago, we had this little boy.

And, he’s ALL boy. 

 Cute, right? He looks just like his Daddy. But, lately, there has been something a little unnerving going on.

As a matter of fact, little dog standing underneath the table, I am talking about you.


Uh-huh. That’s what I thought.

THIS is what I had been trying to figure out…the smell! I could NOT figure out why this overly cute little boy most often smelled like a dog. But, now I know. And, now you know. Simply put, little boys do things to make themselves smell like they do.

And, from the looks of things, at least one person in this equation is perfectly fine with the way things are. You might call this ‘quiet resignation’. I do not call it that.

Even little cuties can’t go around smelling bad. It’s just not appealing.

So, mystery unraveled. Showers are important. Even for kids.


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