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buzzword: civility

‘Civility’ is quite the buzzword these days.

Yesterday, the University of Arizona announced the creation of the National Institute for Civil Discourse.  With former Presidents Bush and Clinton serving as co-chairs, this new organization is generally geared toward political impoliteness. Oprah, apparently, is preparing to air an entire show on civility. The Today Show, just a few months ago, aired segments on civility that spanned 3 days. Yesterday, I posted a piece on a friend’s blog about childrens’ manners because she had reached her boiling point over the incivility at her child’s Atlanta school.

And all this? It’s just information. Information we ALL already know. America is rude. Our children are rude. It raises our stress level. And it’s bad for our health and it’s bad for our future. I’ll bet very few of you who follow this blog have learned anything you didn’t know before. We all KNOW how to be civil.

But, KNOWING is a far cry from DOING. And, talking about it is a far cry from promoting it, pushing it. You see, ‘promote’ is a verb. That’s an action word.

I wish Oprah would call up Nike and tell them she needs to borrow ‘Just Do It’ so she can work the Oprah-effect on this problem. I don’t know exactly how she gets people to take action on what she says, but I hope whatever segment she is working on has a lot of verbs in it.

Wonder if she’s thought of that….


2 responses to “buzzword: civility

  1. Jay Remer February 22, 2011 at 10:12 am

    Civility became the buzz word immediately after the Tucson shootings. Although this tragic event had a life of its own, the media and many weak politicians latched onto the feeble connection for self aggrandizement. Ironically, the timing could not have been more perfect. I see the current elevated status of civility as an opportunity to reach out to businesses, government officials, and society as a whole to raise awareness of its importance. I hope peoples’ focus remains steadfast and that civility is restored to our leaders, to our peers, and to our families.

    • Kate February 22, 2011 at 10:21 am

      I’m glad you weighed in. I know you are just as moved by the civility chatter as I am. You are right. We all have an opportunity to jump on board!

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