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per emma & ben

This morning over breakfast, I asked Emma and Ben what I should blog about. They both said I should use this great spring weather and the blooming flowers.


“But, what’s the point?” I asked them. “What do you mean, What’s the point?” Ben asked.

Sigh. Twice, for good measure. Clearly they are only into this blogging business for the pictures. Or, what they can complain about since on Friday, Ben said to me, “I thought I told you not to put me in your blog anymore, Mom. Anybody in the whole world can see it.” First of all, I had to talk to him about how young people talk to adults, because he wasn’t doing it right. Secondly, I had to tell him how I have better judgment than to put something compromising about my own child on the world wide web.  It’s not like I put his mug up with a For Sale sign over his head.


Sorry. I’m back. My mind wandered.   

So, I explained to them that with each post, I use an everyday home or work situation and look for something useful in it. A lesson. A nugget of truth.

After a few seconds of putting way more cinnamon roll than is necessary in his mouth, Ben said, “Don’t smell all the flowers.”  Emma looked at me nodding her agreement.

Thanks, kids, I’ll take it from here….

They’re right. Not everything that looks good  – is good. There are bright shining objects that get our attention and draw us in. And, there are smooth-talking people that say everything we want to hear. But, it’s up to us to determine if we should actually walk up and take a sniff. So, we’re back to using good judgment. Using discretion and showing integrity. The flowers in your career that you should smell every chance you get are the opportunities to meet new people, to learn new things and to share your knowledge. Focus on what is productive and right. Not just what appears most appealing at the time.

So, thank you, Emma and Ben for pointing us in the right direction.

(See? I do put nice things on this blog about y’all!)


One response to “per emma & ben

  1. Marti Tolleson February 28, 2011 at 9:09 am

    That’s a good one Emma & Ben!

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